Mission & Values

Who are we?  What are our values?  Well, we are a group of various different ventures, set out to do one thing:  put the Eastern world on the map!  Our aim is to showcase the qualities and customs of the East to the world around and our product stand for quality, creativity and sophistication.  Most of our products demonstrate the awesomeness of the East and the Middle East, the rich historical cultural heritage that are reminiscent of a bygone era, a bygone myth or a bygone tradition.  Our core values include:

1.  Offering good quality products

2.  Enhancing and protecting the image and value of our brands

3.  Being innovative whilst creating products that will change the way people think and feel

4.  Having a sense of responsibility in the communities that we work in and represent.

5.  Being high achievers: we aim to be a leader in all that we do, in order to bring about inventive and unique products that would appeal to niche markets.

Above all, our Mission and values are to be more then different, they are to go beyond expectations of a niche market and beyond the expectation of what a product can do, and improving our products all the time.  Our Mission is to create bespoke products – our products will not only fulfil a purpose, it will also allow us to dream, to tell a story and to create our own myths for generations to come.