Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:


What is The Scented Souq all about?


The word ‘Souq’ means market, in the Arabic language.  It is a traditional place where people come to trade and purchase goods and is usually the centre of a village, town or city.  It is a hub where people come together and enjoy local commodities and produce. 

We celebrate Arabian fragrances which are some of the most unique, the most traditional and treasured commodities in the world.  Hailing from a very rich and opulent and near-romantic heritage, Arabian fragrances are timeless and continue on for generations and generations through families and people of the Arabian world who pay homage to their rich tradition of fragrance.  In the Arabian world, fine fragrances are the epitome of hospitality, warmth and companionship and when only the very best in quality and individuality will do.

Our aim is to imitate the traditional Arabian Souq online.  This includes the rustic and simplicity in our offerings and packaging, to give a traditional and authentic feel.  For the traditional arabian Souq, you would most likely see loose perfume packaged in luxurious silks or organza, as opposed to clean and simplistic white boxes.  All our perfumes are hand assembled and bottled, giving it the rustic touch.   Our products are not just limited to fragrance sprays or oils, but also incense, soaps and other scented goods of the souqs.


What do the words ‘Mukhallat’, ‘Bakhoor’ and ‘Attar’ mean?


These are quite common words used when talking about fragrances and related products from the Arabian world:


Mukhallat:  this means ‘Mixed’, when referring to a fragrance composition.  Fragrances are made up of a mix of different fragrance compounds and oils.  An essential oil usually is an oil from one particular flower, such as jasmine and nothing else.  But when you combine say jasmine with amber, it becomes a mixed fragrance, so this would be a Mukhallat.  Most fragrances in the world today are ‘mukhallat’, but in the Arabian world, this fact is more pronounced, and it is easier to try to decipher what kind of fragrance one needs, especially if you are looking for a fragrance that is composed of just one note, as opposed to a Mukhallat.  

Bakhoor:  this literally translates to ‘smoke’, but it is also used to refer to incense, which produces a smoke that in turn releases the fragrance of the incense burned.  

Attar:  in the early days of perfumery in Europe, perfumes were referred to as attar, especially those perfumes that derived from the rose petals.  This word is of both Persian and Arabic origin, today referring to all type of fragrances.  


What makes The Scented Souq’s products unique? 

First and foremost, at The Scented Souq, we are focused in bringing alive an ancient tradition of perfumery.  With these fine fragrances coming from mostly natural sources, they bring the senses forth to transport you to a time and a place, which could be once upon a bygone time or the beauty of a sunset.  The fragrances contain a mystery, a myth and a legend – leaving you to dream on a dream through the imagination, transported through the awe of Arabian or oriental style fragrances. Our aim is to offer you affordable luxury fragrance products and give you a taste of the orient through scent.  Our products are not typical products that one can buy in a shop, as we strive to bring you products of a kind that are not easily found. 


I am trying to find a particular perfume that is only available in the Middle East, but  I cannot find it,  can you help me?


We are constantly working on expanding our range, and bringing you products that are not available easily.  This includes bringing you access to small brands of Arabia that you may not have heard of before, but you would like to experience and sample the excellent quality of the products.  If there is something in particular that you are trying to find, please contact us via email, and we will try to help you as much as we can.


Do you ship to my country?


Our products include a range of perfume sprays, which at the moment, we can only ship within the UK.  However, very soon, we will be offering international shipping on spray products.  Due to international regulations, any order that includes spray perfumes including sets that have a spray perfume as part of it, cannot be shipped outside of the UK.  However those sets and products that contain perfume oils, i.e anything that includes our classic Attar collection can be shipped to anywhere in the world.  

Please view the individual product descriptions of each product that you are interested in ordering, to see whether international shipping is available or not.  


Can I pay in my own currency? 


Prices displayed on our website, in your own currency are to be taken as a guideline only.  At the moment, all transactions are taken in GBP and are automatically converted by your bank.  We are constantly looking at ways to make it easier for our customers to pay in their own currency, so this feature may be available in the future.  


How long does shipping take, once I have placed my order?


Once all orders have been put through and payment has cleared, please allow at least 3-5 working days for postage for UK orders.


For international orders, please allow 7-10 working days.


I am a regular customer.  Will I be rewarded for my loyalty? 


We are currently devising a reward program, where our customers will benefit from third-party products and services, as a reward for purchasing from us.  Please sign up to our email service, to keep up to date with our latest news and offerings.  


Want to know more?  Please contact us, or have a look at our Mission and Values here.